Smash His Camera

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As the UK tabloid scandal exposes unscrupulous journalism and destroys a 168-year old paper, a candid look at the man who shattered the boundaries of press propriety in his fearless pursuit of the great shot.

Paparazzi might be the norm in our celebrity-infested times, haphazardly snapping every movement of the rich and famous. Ron Galella, though, is the original paparazzo.

He elevated the celebrity snapshot into art and, at 78, remains a stalwart in the business.

Dogged in his quest to photograph celebrities in unguarded moments, he defines his passion for his work by the ups and downs of his career-documenting the parade of stars at a thriving Studio 54 and having the dubious honor of being sued by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (his favorite subject) and having his jaw broken by Marlon Brando.

It was Jackie herself who told a Secret Service agent to “smash his camera!” when Galella pursued her in New York’s Central Park.

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