Solar Mamas


Solar Mamas is an inspiring film about one woman’s attempt to light up her world. Rafea is a 30 year old Bedouin woman who has four children, and a husband who is on the hunt for a third wife.

With the encouragement from the country’s Ministry of Environment, Rafea is leaving her small Jordanian village on a journey to the Barefoot College in India to become a solar-energy engineer, this training helps women like Rafea bring power to their poor rural communities.

For Rafea, this challenge could change her life, she will be the first Jordanian woman ever to attend such a program, and if her dreams come true, she will bring much-needed income and skills to support her children and village.

But after a few months into her training, her husband insists that she return back to the village or he will divorce her and take the children. With no real choice, Rafea heads back to the desert to try and convince her husband and family that her new education in India will benefit everyone.

After persuading her husband, Rafea sets of once more, only to return as an education woman with the skills to earn an income and achieve for her community what others could not.

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