Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up

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Scientists and doctors tell us that cholesterol is a major cause of heart disease, and foods containing saturated fat should be avoided at all costs. This film uncovers whether the link between saturated fat, high cholesterol and coronary heart disease is not as straightforward as we are led to believe.

While there are millions of people around the globe taking medications to lower cholesterol (statins), and many more are avoiding high-fat foods that contain cholesterol, the documentary asks: is low-density lipoprotein (LDL) really the cause of clogged arteries and heart attacks? Or often referred to as the diet-heart hypothesis.

Doctors and researchers in Statin Nation argue that it is wrong to see cholesterol as the villain, and have challenged this hypothesis for decades, and the latest heart disease statistics reveal some alarming facts. Including:

  • People with high cholesterol tend to live longer
  • People with heart disease tend to have low levels of cholesterol
  • Cholesterol-lowering of a population does not reduce the rate of heart disease

Despite millions using statins, described as “wonder drugs” these medications do not extend life for the majority of people who take them.

Reducing cholesterol has become a massive global industry, generating billions each year. But have the facts about heart disease, cholesterol and cholesterol medications been distorted by pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers keen to increase their profits?

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