Sugar Coated

Michèle Hozer

For more than four decades, Big Sugar has successfully fended off threats to the multi-billion dollar industry, while filling the world’s food supply with sugar.

As obesity, diabetes, and heart disease rates increase around the world, doctors are treating kids with symptoms of fatty liver disease. The sugar empire is now under siege, but they have dodged plenty of bullets before, can they do it again?

The industry is using its old tactics and using the old saying “we just eat too damn much.” But this time consumers aren’t so easily fooled. Critics have become wiser and angrier since the science has caught up.

Pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Robert Lustig thinks we’ve all been ‘frucked’ by the sugar industry. He is adamant that sugar is the reason behind waiting rooms filling up with overweight children being treated for fatty liver. And in the court of public opinion, he is heading the group of medical experts who have put sugar on trial.

Unveiling the sugar-coated tactics of industry who’s under attack, this documentary will give you a chilling feeling of déjà vu. Today the big sugar companies are back sweetening the message. But this time, they have history to contend with.

When the Great Western Sugar Company shut its doors back in 1976, someone forgot to sweep the floor. Gathering dust in the archives was 1500 pages worth damning evidence detailing how the sugar industry used Tobacco-style strategies to dismiss health claims against their product.

When Denver dentist Cristin Kearns found the documents, she knew she had come across something big – the industry’s secret playbook.

Kearns mentor, Stan Glantz, the superstar professor from San Francisco who brought down Big Tobacco warns, it’s going to get dirty.

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