Summer of Rave


In the summer of 1989 a new type of youth culture was born, they danced at acid fuelled rave parties, in fields and empty warehouses, and their symbol, a smiley face. Dubbed the Second Summer of Love – all the ravers wanted was the freedom to party.

The rave scene, along with the drug ecstasy and ice pops, broke down social barriers and even the football hooligans were “loved up”, a problem that the government were never able to control. But their dream quickly soured as the gangster element moved in at the end of the summer.

The pop charts, once dominated by Jason, Kylie and Sonia, gave way to fused dance beats of the era with a psychedelic, 1960s flavour. Mrs Thatcher’s grip on power was also weakening, with a radical cabinet reshuffle and her increasingly regal demeanour revealing the cracks that would eventually remove her from office a year later. And in a euphoric, blazing hot summer, the Marchioness disaster was a moment of horror that people would never forget.

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  1. Smiley face = Acid House = Acid / LSD. Contrary to the synopsis. Late 80’s that’s the way it was, with Ecstacy making a general appearance a little later from my understanding. Anyway, I look forward to the doc as a raver from ’92 onwards. Yes there were some dodgy elements for sure. Wanna-be gangsters, drug-fuelled nutters (most raves I attended were in the East End of London and pretty rough) but nonetheless the scene was hedonistic and raw with us youngsters full of energy and completely up for it! Way more intense than many of the youth experience today.

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