Super High Me


Doug Benson goes on a bender for thirty days to document the effects smoking cannabis can have on a person. The film features interviews with activists, politicians and patients who are members of the medical marijuana movement.

Before he started on his drug fuelled bender, Doug had doctors record his physical and mental so he could compare the results after his 30 days were complete.

Benson’s doctor concluded that the effects on Benson’s health from his use of cannabis were generally inconsequential. The biggest changes to his health were weight gain and increased sperm count. His overall score on an SAT test increased except for his mathematical skills were reduced.

The one effect that Benson was surprised at by the end of the smoking month was that he was sure that he would be sick of smoking cannabis for a continuous extended period and that he felt like he was going to need an extended break afterwards. He instead felt perfectly fine with his continued casual smoking with no apparent, acquired disdain of any kind.

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