Supersize vs Superskinny


Do you dream of being super skinny? Think again. We’re in the grip of an epidemic, we’re obsessed with the way we eat and the way we see our bodies. And it’s becoming dangerous. The latest craze to become super skinny is pushing many young people into a new danger zone. At the same time more and more us are getting clinically obese and eating ourselves into an early grave. Our relationship with food and weight has never been more extreme, it’s time for a reality check.

Season One of Supersize vs Superskinny follows eight people with dysfunctional eating habits. Some are shockingly obese, while others are borderline anorexic. Over eight weeks, eight underweight people are booked into the feeding clinic for a radical 5-day diet swap. They will then be sent home with a 3-month healthy eating plan before returning to the clinic for a new weigh in. But the real shock tactic is that they will be joined by a super sized opposite who will teach superskinny a lesson in eating, whilst tackling their own weight problems.

Weighing in an just 6 stone 10lbs, 19-year-old Tatiana Moxey is seriously underweight and desperate to plump up and for people to stop asking her if she’s got an eating disorder. Weighing in at 23 stone 7lbs, jazz singer Sandra Andrew is a late-night food lover, enjoying home-cooked West Indian food through the day before feasting on junk food all night long.

Overseeing proceedings will be Dr Christian Jessen, he will cut through the weight debate by stuffing the superskinny and starving the supersized. He will expose the damage that diets do and give us a rude food awakening.

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