Swamp Tigers

Mike Herd

The reeds of the Bangladeshi Sundarbans is home to one of the planet’s most feared predators. Rarely seen by humans, the Bengal swamp tiger is so elusive that previous attempts to track and film this deadly killer have only ended in disappointment.

Over a decade ago, Mike Herd did what no-one else was able to do when he caught the man-eating tiger on video for the first time. It was a remarkable achievement and gave the world insight into the hidden life of the mysterious animal.

The first piece of footage Mike captured was brief but was enough to ignite his passion for trekking the 6,000 square miles of forest by foot to film more of the tiger.

Each year up to one hundred people fall prey to these tigers, and when their bodies are washed up on the banks further downstream, it gives others the taste of human flesh. And for the poor living along the banks of the Sundarbans, they have little option but to try their best to live with the hundreds of tigers.

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