That’s Not Funny


In the days before online video websites like Youtube, a stand-up comedian could say pretty much anything to an audience and it would only be heard by the people in the room. But today with people recording and uploading everything online, these comedians have become lightning rods for controversy.

Some people have nothing better to do than get offended by a joke and get all up in arms about a punchline and take to the internet to voice their complaint.

That’s where comedy fan Mike Celestino comes in, he takes a look at both sides of the story, focusing on the history of taboo subjects and controversy in comedy, examining how some performers and writers have managed to write themselves into controversy throughout history. It’s a dead serious but subjective film analyzing the lines that have been broken, for better or worse, concluding that it’s mostly for better. Parts of That’s Not Funny are an illustrative reiteration stating that comedy is tragedy plus time, but the films central point is that anything goes in comedy, as an art form that is.

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