The Apocalypse Conspiracy Theory


Planned and executed by shadowy multi-generational fascists bent on world domination and genocidal depopulation, the wars surrounding Israel and Nuclear Armageddon are being scripted to usher in a totalitarian one world government for the western and European oligarchy, and elite bankster class.

The film exposes the current state of world affairs but offers a glimmer of hope by presenting several viable options. It also presents the brutal truth surrounding Syria, Iran, Russia, China, DPRK, Missile Defense, Israel and Palestine, including past and current wars.

The balance of M.A.D. is more precarious than it was during the Cuban missile crisis days, with pre-emptive nuclear war doctrine on the table, doomsday seed vaults and D.U.M.B.’s, NATO encroachment in post soviet satellite states, and antimissile shield elements chipping away at Russian and Sino – nuclear deterrence.

The global war on terror is an obvious facade to the not so secret agenda of world hegemony and domination by western and European elites. It is clear that the UK and American military surrogates, plan war on a global nature and target countries such as Russia, China and other nations not under the forced depopulation and debt slavery N.W.O. system.

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  1. err..if 9/11 was supposed to kick off WWIII it sure has been a slow kick off. The people in this documentary are really wrong on almost every point.

    1. err wake up , what r u expecting ! nukes to go off straight away ! , with a name like spinbutton and such a wet blanket response , i must assume you are one of those pricks that support their evil plan.

  2. Bashing Israel, well they are defending themselves. What about the 8000 rockets that flew from Gaza onto Isreali civilians both Arab and Jews. This show is a biased crock of anti semitic shit.

  3. And another thing, Iran has promised to eniolate Israel…wipe a legitimate nation off the face of the earth. I hear no such threats coming from Israel. Iran will be irresponsible with nuclear weapons.Israel has never started a war or threatened to wipe out a nation in the name of religion. HUGE DIFFERENCE

  4. These people never seem to know what “fascism” really means. And if we aren’t supposed to believe the propaganda from the OSS and CIA, why are fools so eager to spread the lies and propaganda fabricated about “wartime atrocities” committed by the Third Reich? Why is their disbelief of proven liars only applicable after 1945?
    … But tell us again about the lampshades and soap.

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