The Choice is Ours


People – described in the dictionary as a collective group of homo sapiens. The Latin translation of homo sapien being ‘wise man’. However, these days it seems that there are very few wise men around. This film series, “The Choice is Ours”, is a three part documentary following various aspects of human society. The series looks at civilisation – a terrible word to describe the world we now live in. A world that has battled one war or another since the dawn of time, out of greed or for power.

How can people be called civilised? Is it because we have motorised vehicles to take us from city to city, and big shiny towers to work or live in? We have sturdy roofs over our heads, shops to sell us our food already prepared, finely made clothing to cover our flesh, and lots of advanced technology. Does all this make us civilised? This film may make you think otherwise. Everyone says they want world peace, well, where on earth is it?

This series explores human nature and includes interviews with many different professionals from various fields. People who admit that the human race has huge difficulties to overcome if we are even to think about achieving a happy future and peaceful world. We struggle enough with environmental issues, and yet, humanity continues to fight each other, behaving like savages, every day. The Choice is Ours shows the many flaws of governments, societies, justice systems, and our sources of income. It’s all cracked and flimsy – survival doesn’t seem possible without improvements, big ones, being made… and soon.

In the last part of the documentary (to be released later this year), new ideas are pitched that suggest ways we could fix the madness of the world and the damage the human race has caused. Proposals of solutions and visions for the future. Plans not so hard that they can’t be achieved, even now. Humanity is to blame for many of the problems in the world, but people can still fix what has been done, and part three shows us the big possibilities of a bright new future, should everyone care enough to wake up and pay attention. It’s not too late to build a better tomorrow, but everyone has to start trying today, and this documentary will give us hope to do it, and the hope that change can happen.

Does humanity still has hope?

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