The Day After Peace


Follow filmmaker Jeremy Gilley as he embarks on a 10-year worldwide mission to establish a Day of Peace on September 21st. As he travels the world to promote the official day of ceasefire and non-violence, he has one aim, to show his film to every UN member state – 192 in total.

After his idea is adopted without opposition in the UN, Gilly turns his attention to the ideals of a world-wide Peace Day. Met with celebrity support from actors such as Jude Law, Angelina Jolie, Michael Douglas and Jonny Lee Mille, and support from corporations like Coca-Cola and Puma enhances the momentum.

One man’s persistence is rewarded when UNICEF, the World Health Organisation and local affected communities decide to try and use the day to carry out a mass vaccination against polio in one of the toughest conflict areas in the world, Afghanistan.

Accompanied by Jude Law, the pair travel to Afghanistan to help persuade parties to ratify Peace Day. The task seems impossible, but pure human spirit in a country exhausted with conflict may just win through.

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