The Fake Trade


There are plenty of people out there who don’t care if the goods they’re wearing are the real thing or knock-offs, as long as they look like the original and are cheap. From fake handbags, watches, shoes and perfumes, the business of counterfeiting goods is one of the largest underground industries in the world. But can any harm be done by buying a fake designer bag or runners – all you’re doing is denting the profits of the multinational manufacturers. Each year hundreds of billions of dollars are generated while sapping economies, putting lives at risk, and funding organised crime in the process.

Among the more eye-opening revelations is a massive seven-storey shopping mall in China selling nothing but fakes, and a peek into a backstreet factory that manufactures eggs out of industrial chemicals because it’s cheaper than keeping real chickens. The film also looks at the hidden victims of counterfeiting and the people who are forced to work as slaves in factories, we hear from the relatives of people who have died after taking fake medicines, and investors and regulators who face death after leading the battle against illegal goods syndicates.

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