The Girl Who Never Ate


We all take eating for granted, we chew, we swallow and we don’t give it much thought, but without it we each would die. For one little girl, eating has just never happened. Tia looks like any other seven year old girl, but beneath the surface lies a medical mystery, she’s unable to eat, and nobody can explain why.

It’s a case that has baffled the medical world. No food has ever past her lips despite the best efforts of her mum and school. Born with a rare disorder, doctors performed a miracle operation but to no avail and now her body is fed through a tube that has been inserted into her stomach.

Driven to despair, Tia’s mum Sue, is preparing to submit Tia as a research case at one of the world’s leading institutions that specialises in encouraging children to eat using radical methods, starvation. This is the story of one incredible girl.

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