The Illuminati: All Conspiracy, No Theory


There are millions of people living on our planet in complete ignorance. Under our noses, politicians are advancing a global plan to take control. Since the time of Napoleon, secret societies have been influencing politicians to take over and conquer Europe.

Today, in the 21 century, they’re implementing their plan. The New World order is about the centralization of power. And in the process, they’re silencing any public criticism in their path.

It’s about commercializing and selling everything as a product. It’s about letting China torture students and still allowing them to host the Olympics. It’s about closing down government owned schools and hospitals, turning them into apartments, and then letting private corporations make huge profits from teaching your children or selling you drugs.

The secret societies and political organizations running the New World Order use various symbols and gestures. Once you learn their secret language, you too will have the All Seeing Eye.

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