The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance


This film takes us back in time to a violent and dramatic age to see the real human stories being the European Renaissance, and the family that bankrolled it. It was a turning point in Western history, when one family inspired some of the greatest moments in the birth of the modern world, challenging some of the greatest thinkers and pioneers of the time.

The story of the Medici is an epic drama that weaves the descendants of one Tuscan family with momentous cultural and political turning points. Played out in the courts, cathedrals and palaces of Renaissance Europe, this is the cradle of modern civilization. Their story is a bloodthirsty mix of ambition and triumph, murder and revenge. And it is a tale of inspiring achievement and cultural revolution.

From the construction of the great dome of Florence, the painting of the “Birth of Venus” and the sculpting of Michelangelo’s “David”, to Luther’s Reformation and Galileo’s earth-shattering confrontation with the Church. None of these would have happened without the Medici and their friends.

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