The Original 50 Cent

The story of a street criminal whose persona was adopted by rapper 50 Cent.

Froi Cuesta

This documentary reveals the true story of The Original 50 Cent who during the 80s, terrorized New York City and became known as one of the city’s most notorious gangsters.

Donning a bulletproof vest and packing an arsenal of weapons, Kelvin Darnell Martin robbed, murdered and extorted some of Brooklyn’s biggest hustlers. He was a cold-blooded criminal, the hood’s version of Billy the Kid, and he could be heard bragging that one day – he would get rich or die trying – Most just knew him as 50 Cent.

Known in the underbelly by his nickname 50 Cent, he grew up living in the Bronx but later moved to moved to Brooklyn, New York, and was known as a stick-up kid.

Moving onto more serious crimes as he grew older, Martin eventually became a notorious robber who’s glory days came at the cost of robbing and murdering the local hustlers. He was rumored to have stolen one of Rakim’s chains off his neck (which was proven false by Brooklyn locals) but did steal LL Cool J’s chain from him in a parking lot in Brooklyn.

It’s believed he was known as 50 Cent due to the reputation he had of robbing anyone, no matter how much cash they had on them at the time. One other story is that he got his name from an occasion gambled 50 cents in a game of dice and turned it into $500. Or, it could just be an allusion to his physically small size – he weighed only 120 pounds and his height was 5’2″.

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  1. I remember that nigga robbed my cousin one Saturday on fulton st started to cap his ass this was in 81 or 82 but he had about 15 niggas wit him but don’t worship his ass i should ve took him out then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bitch mf

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