The Truth About Calories


Every day around the world, millions of people are obsessed with looking at the number of calories contained in food packets on supermarket shelves but are calories really worth counting?

In this documentary, Dr. Chris van Tulleken chooses nine random food products from the supermarket shelves and takes them to an independent testing laboratory to find out if the calories printed on the packet match what’s really inside.

Not only does Dr. Tulleken discover that only one of the food products matches the labeled calories but challenges three families to take on his Big Calorie Challenge to find out the best way to burn off calories.

What they discover is doing housework burns more calories than doing a workout at the gym.

Dr. Tulleken’s ultimate goal during the film is to find out how we can keep eating our favorite treats without eating an excess of calories. He uncovers some kitchen secrets that will strip 360 calories out of a traditional meal of steak, chips, pudding and cream without changing one ingredient.

Learn how you can be healthier by eating smart without taking the joy out of eating.

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