The Truth About Fat


As a nation, we are slowly but surely getting fatter. We are all eating well, maybe too well. The mystery is that we all live in the same society, eat the same food but we are not all the same shape. Some of are thinner and some of our balloon and get a bit chubby.

What is it about this epidemic that operates so randomly. For the unlucky majority, nothing seems to stop the pounds piling on and it’s easy to see this epidemic a failure of willpower.

Surgeon Gabriel Weston discovers the surprising Truth About Fat and why so many people are piling on the pounds, and how to fight the fat epidemic. She discovers the hidden battles of hormones that control people’s appetites and sees the latest surgery that fundamentally changes what a patient wants to eat by altering how their brains work.

Gabriel is shocked to find out that when it comes to being overweight, it is not always your fault you are fat.

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  1. Just watched this documentary on TV (Australia) and it was the most misleading documentary I have ever watched. The studies conducted by the “scientists” gave the viewers nothing to take home other than saturated/unsaturated fats may or may not be good for us. And the study of people eating zero fat for 7 days was pointless as you didn’t even bother the weigh the people before and after. Only their moods were compared. Obviously if you take any type of food away from someone, they will suffer withdrawals. It’s common sense. And there was no conclusion to the documentary. I can’t believe bbc actually aired this show on TV. Complete waste of time. Pointless documentary.

    1. Couldn’t agree more mate, lots of misconception and lack of supportive evidence. All I heard was “if/but/maybe/could/might/may”. Waste of time viewing this documentary, would not recommend.

      “It is not always your fault you’re fat” Who comes up with this BS!

  2. This documentary is the biggest load of garbage! I can’t believe I wasted time watching this, and hoping I would learn something of practical use.

  3. I found aspects of it interesting but the ignorant judgemental attitude of the narrating surgeon was abysmal

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