The stories of four women undergoing treatment for anorexia

Lauren Greenfield

In the United States, it estimated that over 5 million people suffer from a long list of eating disorders, and as many as one in seven women with anorexia will die from it.

The documentary THIN follows three women and a child who suffer every day with anorexia, giving viewers a glimpse at the brutal reality and personal struggles of the woman who are undergoing treatment in their quest to recover from the eating disorder.

We will witness how each woman’s battle with the illness is a unique experience. Some are quite willing to sabotage their treatment, while others will do anything to recover. A few will even make progress only to discover that their medical insurance will not cover them for long term treatment of the illness.

THIN takes us on an emotional journey into what life is really like living in a residential treatment facility and the many challenges that each woman must overcome each day.

From the one-on-one and group therapy sessions, emotionally wrought mealtimes, early morning weigh-ins, heated arguments with staff members, and tense encounters with family members, the film reveals a unique look at the complexities of eating disorders, it is simply not about food, diet, body image or self-esteem, but a tangle of personal, familial, cultural and mental health issues.

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