Trench Town


This film takes us to the birthplace of legendary reggae singer Bob Marley, to meet the kids to risk their lives everyday, and that’s just getting to school. Trench Town is in a constant turf war for control by the local dons, and local police are out-gunned and have little control over the situation.

‘Every morning as I rise, I hear the gunshots firing’ says Leroy. His school is on the borderline between the two warring factions of Trench Town. ‘They just fire shots indiscriminately, these guys are killing for fun’ he tells film-makers as they follow his walk to school. On the streets car bombs litter the dusty streets and there is even a billboard with a smiling Bob Marley, pock-marked with bullet holes.

Sergeant Robert Taylor says ‘We’re living in a warzone’. ‘yet we don’t have the tools to overpower the gangs’. Since the 1960’s local politicians have been arming the local dons, in return for votes.

In Trench Town, youths are now more armed than ever. ‘The age range for the most dangerous gangs is 14-25’ explains Sergeant Taylor, ‘these kids have grown up with no hopes and nothing to live for’. Most kids had to leave their schools because of the daily shootings, and most found themselves drawn into the vicious circle just to survive. ‘Those kids searching for food, searching for someone to take an interest in them are the ones who end up pointing a gun at you’ says Delroy, a teacher.

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