The Truth About Food


Want to know what food really does to your body? Truth About Food examines how what we eat can change our lives. Forget the headlines, this documentary film series offers intriguing investigations with volunteers and celebrities, exposing the real science behind the food we eat.

How to be Healthy
The first video in the series investigates the health tips and diets that claim to offer protection against disease, this video uncovers what you should be feeding your body in the fight against infection.

The film travels back in time and investigate the ‘Evo Diet’ to discover if what our primitive ancestors ate holds the secret to combating the diseases of western civilisation.

Topics also included in this first documentary include:
How much gas a person produces and what bacteria has to do with it.
Can eating garlic help men get their erections back and minimise the risk of heart failure?
Can a high fibre diet sort out internal congestion problems and potentially reduce the risks of bowel cancer?

How to be Sexy
The second video in this series explores the intimate connections between food and sex, unearthing the truth behind the many food/sex myths deep-rooted in our culture.

Over a six month period filmmakers followed a group of sub-fertile men on a specially designed diet to see whether a change in health and lifestyle could improve their sperm.

The video replicates a study from the 80s to discover whether a woman in the naughties still leaves food on her plate if she fancies her date. The film also conducted some cross-cultural tests to discover whether the smell of certain foods can sexually excite a man’s penile blood flow.

How to feed your kids
What is the truth about the foods our children eat? As they grow, how does what they put into their mouths affect their bodies, minds and behaviour or the habits formed as an adult?

Is restricting or banning snacks really the best way to keep children healthy, or might hiding the cookie jar lead to even worse eating habits? Everyone knows that feeding a child too much sugar is a recipe for disaster. They will become hyperactive and chaos will ensue. Or will it?

What is the best way to start a kid’s day? How to be Sexy examines a British and American breakfast to find out.

How To Be Slim
Ours is a world where it seems everyone is on, just finished, or about to start, a diet. The only really successful way to become slim is to change our lifestyle: to do more exercise and eat well.

After trying every diet in the book, DJ Andrea Oliver is about to give up until the latest nutritional science comes to her aid. This video reveals the foods that keep one feeling fuller for longer, how dairy products may hold the secret to reducing calorie absorption, and why soup could be the answer to every dieter’s prayer.

How to Stay Young and Beautiful
How to be young and beautiful looks at the everyday foods and drinks we consume and how they can help fight the ageing process, from the inside and out.

This film discovers how the mere colour of some foods can fight the ageing process, how eating spinach might save one’s eyesight, and how eating tomatoes could stop wrinkles. Does a stringent detox really work? And does smooth skin rely on drinking two litres of water each day?

How to be the Best
Ex-world-record hurdler Colin Jackson swaps his favourite diet for that of some vegetarian martial arts experts; tests whether the Omega 3 in oily fish can give stressful cabbies a less taxing day; and discovers if the fire-fighters of Montana are better placed to lick the flames on constant snacking or the traditional three meals a day.

This last video in the series in the food manual for everybody that wants that “edge”, whether it be mental or physical. In How to be the best we explore which foods to eat if you want to be faster, stronger, and smarter.

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