The Truth About Looking Young


In the documentary The Truth About Looking Young, plastic surgeon Dr. Rozina Ali ditches the operating theater to explore new frontiers in skin science and asks if it’s possible to make skin look younger without the grueling need for cosmetic surgery?

As Dr. Ali uncovers the latest research about how the foods we consume can help protect our skin from damage, she also discovers that a chemical found in a squid’s eye is at the forefront of a new sun protection cream.

She also looks at how sugar circulating in our blood can make us look older, and explores an exciting new science called glycobiology, which promises a breakthrough in helping us look younger.

And the sun isn’t the only external factor making us look older. Oxygen in its free radical form is a menace as well, damaging DNA and disrupting cell structures. The human body does have defenses, but they aren’t very efficient. You can improve the aging process by supplying antioxidants in your diet.

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