Tuna Wars


Tuna in our oceans are being fished to near extinction. Despite the efforts to protect our ever dwindling fish stocks, they are being undermined as legal loopholes in the southern Indian Ocean have created a multi-million dollar trade in illegal catches.

Massive ships are trawling the high seas, catching tuna in bulk and threatening the traditional livelihood of local fishermen like the Vezos in Madagascar.

This documentary takes us onboard a Greenpeace vessel to find out more about the multi-million dollar international trade.

“There is no chain of custody. As soon as the fish is inside the freezing vessel, it’s impossible to know from which vessel it is coming”, Francois Chartier of Greenpeace says of the controversial ‘transshipment law.’

It’s one of the biggest loopholes in fishing legislation, which allows small vessels to transfer their catch too big freezing containers.

So it means that out in the middle of the ocean, lines are blurred over legal and illegal catches, without any way to track the fish being passed between ships that are registered in a number of different countries.

So while tuna numbers reach worryingly low levels, their stocks are not being protected.”

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