The Ugly Truth About Beauty


Kate Spicer is a 39-year-old single woman, and like most she isn’t entirely happy with her appearance.

She’s always had her doubts about cosmetic surgery, but as she inches closer to her forties, she is considering the idea of cosmetic improvement.¬†And with millions now spent every day on cosmetic procedures, she’s not alone.

In this documentary, we follow Kate as she immerses herself in a smorgasbord of radical and cutting edge procedures that are now available to most women who are willing to undergo a grueling quest for a younger looking appearance.

As a lifestyle journalist, Kate is fully aware how the beauty industry and mainstream media bombard women with unrealistic beauty standards and is a little unsure about some of the exotic and invasive procedures offered by some practitioners.

During her research into the latest beauty procedures, Kate’s journey takes her to the overpriced nightingale-poo face masks and bull semen hair serum to the new Fraxel laser technology and stem cell use in fat transfers.

But just how far is Kate willing to go on her quest for beauty? And will all that grueling pain be worth it?

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