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Michael Jordan had won two championships and lived through two small scandals when this documentary was made. During his 1991-1992 season, the unauthorized book ‘The Jordan Rules’ accused the player of being a bossy, hot-tempered team captain, and questions about Michael’s off-court gambling habits arose.

Still, as the level-headed Jordan notes, he had decided that year that the only person who could knock him off his pedestal would be himself-not a book author or media folks. In short, Michael matured.

While the video sprinkles Jordan’s commentary throughout, it covers the Chicago Bulls’ first two championships. Michael’s second Olympic experience; his commercial endorsement work; and a music video with the ever-ghoulish Michael Jackson. Sneak peeks into Jordan’s home life with Juanita and the kids are also tossed in.

What’s most engaging, though, is not walking down memory lane into the Bulls’ glory days against L.A., Portland, and every other NBA team, but learning what a truly stable and genuine off-court demeanor Jordan has.

In an age when young players proudly sport their arrogant, entitled attitudes, Michael’s authentically gracious ways are those of a dying breed. After all, what red-hot player when given the opportunity to be captain of a Dream Team featuring Magic Johnson and Larry Bird would defer without hesitation to his elders?

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