UNCOUNTED: The True Story of the California Primary

Michelle Boley

When Hillary Clinton won in California, a massive 40 percent of the ballots were not counted. Why? Merely because they were provisional.

What does a “provisional ballot” mean? Put simply; it’s a way of allowing citizens to vote while being assured their vote will not count.

Given this, it may not be surprising that US elections are ranked lowest among all western “democracies” for fairness and transparency.

This mini-documentary tells the true story of what happened leading up to and after the California Democratic Primary.

At the end of the film, ask yourself the following:

How would the “international community” and the mainstream media react if this level of chaos, confusion, incompetence and open fraud had been reported during the 2012 Russian presidential election?

How many articles would you have seen by now in the Guardian, NYT, WaPo et al condemning Russian “tyranny and corruption”?

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