Under Our Skin

Andy Abrahams Wilson

In the 1970s, a mysterious virus swept through the small town of Lyme Connecticut infecting small everyone. At first, kids were diagnosed as having juvenile arthritis, before eventually it became widely known as Lyme disease.

An illness that’s triggered by spiral-shaped germs similar to the bacteria that causes syphilis.

Under Our Skin tells the controversial story of Lyme disease, uncovering how corporate influence over medical establishments is causing thousands of people around the world to go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed and who are simply told their symptoms are a figment of their imagination.

The documentary is a frightening look at the science and politics of the disease, from the doctors willing to risk all to help others and the people whose lives have been so severely affected by the disease that they can hardly walk.

Under Our Skin brings to light a broken health care system and the medical institutions who are happy to put profits ahead of patient welfare.


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  1. I’m dying of late chronic Lyme Disease. I am so angry that this documentary is no longer available. It’s the best introduction to the horrors of this nightmare. If I had seen it sooner, I might not be dying now. Please, at least remove it from the description of your site. I’ve tried to send others to your site, but now that it’s gone there’s a huge VOID in the accessible information about Lyme Diseae.

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