Under the Dome: Investigating China’s Smog

Chai Jing

Under the Dome is a self-funded documentary investigating air pollution in China. Made by celebrity journalist Chai Jing, this controversial film has been described as China’s version of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.

Chai Jing, started creating this documentary after she has learned that her unborn daughter had developed a tumor in the womb, which was subsequently removed after her birth. Chai blames the air pollution for her daughter’s tumor.

Combining footage of a lecture with interviews and factory visits, Under the Dome criticizes the Chinese government’s role in causing some of the nation’s toxic smog problem, and after clocking up over 200 million online views, it was suddenly removed from all Chinese websites. But the documentary didn’t go down without its admirers. In fact, China’s environmental protection minister, Chen Jining, stated in a news conference shortly after the film was launched:

“I think this work has an important role in promoting public awareness of environmental health issues, so I’m particularly pleased about this event.”

Due to the popularity of the film online, the Chinese government soon became fearful that it may actually cause and uprising as people learn the extent of which the air they’re breathing has not only been hurting their own health but the health of almost every living being on the planet.

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  1. Its a wonderful movie. I can see of India oc today in China of 2015.Would have loved id the voice over was in English. Thanks for making such a wonderful statement on air pollution.

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