Using the Sun to Make Music


With help from composer Robert Alexander, NASA is making new discoveries by turning raw primary data into music through a process called Data Sonification.

Alexander is not someone with a science background, while the thought of turning data into music intrigued the composer, it wasn’t something that ever came innately. He is a classically trained composer who has always been fascinated with the sky.

When the classically trained composer, who has always been fascinated with the sky, needed a topic for his thesis he determined that he was interested in the practice of sonification. Sonification can be simply defined as the process of displaying data in an audio format. Robert’s interest in listening to data began when he realised that we can all learn from it.

One thinks that most problems have a linear solution but that is not the world we live in, there can and always will be another and maybe more creative way of finding the solution.

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