A Walk To Beautiful

Mary Olive Smith

This is the story of how Ethiopian women who are suffering from obstetric fistula are being ostracized by their family’s and villages due to failed childbirths.

Living in poverty and isolation, many women diagnosed with this serious medical condition are feeling the sense of loneliness and rejection.

In A Walk To Beautiful, we follow Ayehu, Almaz, Zewdie, Yenenesh and Wubete as they set out to reclaim their lives by taking the long and exhausting trip to the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, the only hospital in the nation that is equipped to help their condition.

Upon their arrival at the hospital, the women are treated free of charge, resulting in new beginnings.

Not every patient can be cured, but each woman takes her own journey toward becoming independent and productive members of their communities once again.

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