I Wanna Be Like Mike: The Story of the New NBA


I Wanna Be Like Mike is one of the most memorable marketing slogans of all time, it was a marketing campaign that sold Michael Jordan, utilizing the worlds adoration of a sports icon.

We forget that before Michael Jordan was marketed as the best basketball player of all time, athletes were not marketed as teen idols, they were simply athletes.

The documentary explores the NBA’s move towards recruiting younger and younger players in pursuit of the next big star. While recruiting young players seems harmless on the surface, what affect does this type of marketing have on culture, society and the young men they target? Is this related to the increase in players who jump out of high school without even looking at college?

The video examines this subject by telling the opinions and experiences of people involved in every level of basketball. Uncovering the truth about how advertising and mass media have changed what was once simply a competition for professional basketball players.

I Wanna Be Like Mike features athletes who are rarely seen in the minor basketball leagues, but still dream of playing in the NBA.

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