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Of the seven billion people on earth, one billion are starving. But we are producing enough food to feed 12 billion. Every day in Vienna, the amount of unsold bread is sent back to the factory, the equivalent to feed Austria’s second largest city, Graz. Approximately 350,000 hectares of agricultural land, above all in Latin America, are dedicated to the cultivation of soybeans to feed Austria’s livestock while one quarter of the local population starves. People in Europe eat an average of ten kilograms of artificially irrigated greenhouse vegetables from Southern Spain, with water shortages the result.

We Feed The world is about food and globalization, fishermen and farmers, the flow of goods and cash flow — a film about scarcity amid plenty. Why doesn’t a tomato taste like a tomato today? How does one explain that 200 million people in India, supplier of 80% of Switzerland’s wheat, suffer from malnutrition?

Why are thousands of acres of the Amazon being cleared to grow soybeans? Is water something to which the public has a basic right or, as the CEO of the world’s largest food company NestlĂ© suggests, a foodstuff with a market value?

With its unforgettable images, We Feed The world provides insight into current food production and answers the question what world hunger has to do with us.

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