We Will Live Again


We Will Live Again goes inside the taboo subject of human cryopreservation at the Cryonics Institute just outside Detroit, USA.

The film follows CEO Ben Best and operations manager Andy Zawacki as they get ready to welcome their 100th patient. In a run-of-the-mill looking warehouse (or hospital as Ben Best describes it) dozens of white containers are packed with cryogenically frozen men, women, children and pets.

Robert Ettinger, Best and patients believe that in 50-100 years technology will have advanced enough to wake the frozen patients from their sleep. Ben Best describes that many people don’t agree with the Institute’s attempt to play God – “There is a great deal of contempt for what we do… It’s like there’s some 11th commandment in the Bible that says, ‘Thou shalt not freeze.’”

The institutes founder Robert Ettinger, a retired mathematics professor, admits that in the end the process may have little success, but that doesn’t stop him from trying as both his mother and wives are frozen patients at the Cryonics Institute. Watch as We Will Live Again highlights the humanity of men who just want to wake up tomorrow with their loved ones.

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