What Plants Talk About

Erna Buffie

You walk past them every day, and yet you have probably never thought about associating a plant with a term such as behavior.

In the documentary What Plants Talk About, experimental plant ecologist, JC Cahill wants to change your perception on plants.

In this light-hearted film, we get an insight on how plants really behave, uncovering the world where like us humans, plants have are as busy and as complex, as we are.

The University of Alberta professor builds the case that plants eavesdrop on each other, chit-chats with enemies, call in insect allies to fight those enemies, recognize their relatives, and nurture their young.

You will witness some of the stunning heights of the Great Basin Desert, the lush coastal rainforests of west coast Canada, in what is a truly exceptional journey into the secret world of plants. An environment was full of activity, where plants communicate, co-operate and, sometimes, wage all-out war.

The film invites viewers to take a trip into a world you never thought existed, highlighting how plants are less passive and more intelligent than what meets the eye and by the end of the documentary, how you look at flowers, seedlings and trees may have totally changed.

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