What Would Jesus Buy?


Put religion aside for a moment, there’s a terrible addiction that has swept across this United States, and it’s one of the nation’s best kept secrets.

Most people will tell you that it’s a really bad thing, but nobody can seem to stop doing it. And it doesn’t come cheap, nearly 60% of us are in long term debt because of it. No, we’re not talking about booze, drugs or overeating. It’s shopping. And more than 15 million Americans may in fact be addicted to shopping.

What Would Jesus Buy? is a rousing, irreverent and simultaneously sobering documentary about the year round destructive shopaholic obsession that spins into an out of control buying and spending orgy by the time Christmas rolls around.

The movie follows activist Reverend Billy and his ragtag cross country caravan, The Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, to bring the voice of reason a few holiday seasons ago, to compulsive consumers everywhere. The intent of this countdown to Christmas is to save the holiday from what Reverend Billy has dubbed only slightly in jest, the Shopocalypse.

Ironically, many of his group are injured when one of their buses collides on a highway with a truck rushing to deliver Christmas merchandise to stores.

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