Yuck: A 4th Grader’s Documentary About School Lunch

Zachary Maxwell

In 2011, fourth grader Zachary Maxwell asked his parents if he could take his own lunch to school. But his parents, who were assured by the NYC Department of Education website that the meals served at the school were nutritious, kept insisting he should take advantage of the delicious sounding lunches offered at school. But when Zachary arrives at school, he finds a very different reality.

Armed with a hidden video camera, he sets out to convince his parents that the food being served at school is far different from what is being described via the online menu.

Follow Zachary as he embarks on a six-month covert mission to expose the truth about the City’s school food service program.

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  1. drive and motivation, drive and motivation. great job and obviously engaging parents. just great to see people questioning, using all the tech available to us to challenge what should be taken fro granted. You did a great job. feel inspired? find something and make your own expose on it. the Styrofoam trays freaked me out? are dishwashers too 1980’s? do they employ too many people? ..think about it. Hope you keep it up and keep making people think what they can do in their corner of the world… love joy and harmony people :0)

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